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Martha Diaz – Hip-Hop Scholar

“Finally, a film that pushes beatboxing to the forefront in the USA again.  An under-appreciated element of Hip Hop culture that has been taken to new heights around the world. With beautiful symphonic ciphers and incredible tantalizing battles, American Beatboxer will have you spitting out beats.” Martha Diaz – Former chair and executive director of […]

Calvin Wynter – CEO/Founder of Inbrook

“American Beatboxer” directed by Manauvaskar Kublall and produced by Richard McKeown offers electrifying concert footage and fascinating insights into beatboxing’s greatest stars and upcoming talent. This is the definitive story of a music revolution, from its early days to its rise to international acclaim. Made with the support of beatboxers from around the world, the […]

Linnette Harrigan Media

“The film showcases the very unique art of Beatboxing- vocal percussion which primarily involves drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using the mouth, lips, teeth Linnette & an associate were happy to attend this groundbreaking premiere.” Linnette Harrigan – Owner/founder of Linnette Harrigan Media