What's new with American Beatboxer?

  • Review from The Harvard Crimson – Repost

    Reposted from The Harvard Crimson- Outside the ‘Box’ With Chesney Snow By Adriano O. Iqbal I’m sitting in the Hip-Hop Archive on Mount Auburn Street, in a room of 30 people—all of whom are humming as loudly as they possibly can. I’ve got my fingers jammed up against Adrian From Pennsylvania’s carotid, trying to feel […]

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  • Now BOOKING American Beatboxer College Tour

    Our award winning feature documentary American Beatboxer provides a culturally diverse and extraordinarily unique experience for colleges. American Beatboxer immerses the audience in the jaw dropping world of human beatboxing.   Screenings + Workshops + Performances – that the Harvard Crimson calls “Phenomenally Entertaining” create a unique experience for your college that your campus will […]

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  • American Beatboxer Screens at the 1st Mount Vernon Film Festival!

    We are proud to announce that  “AMERICAN BEATBOXER” at The Mount Vernon Film Festival 2014.  Our film will be screened,SATURDAY, September 27, 2014 at 11:00PM at The Doles Center Theater.   A list of the films in the order in which they will be shown will soon be available online. http://mountvernonfilmfestival.com/ About the Festival: The Mount Vernon Film Festival (MTVFF) is a showcase of extraordinary films from emerging and aspiring artists, […]

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