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On Friday, August 4th, Our pilot won the Urban Web Summit’s Best Docu-Series Award at the 2017 Hip Hop Film Festival! We were completely surprised but very grateful for this honor but we put in a lot of hours working on several throughout out a short film fest run to get the final cut we […]

American Beatboxer archived in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives

American Beatboxer continues upon an extraordinary journey. As the first feature length beatbox documentary to ever broadcast on a national television network it has become a trailblazing milestone in beatbox culture. It’s an honor to join the collection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and Archives. We could hardly contain our excitement […]

American Beatboxer: The Docu-Series pilot is nominated for Best Documentary Short at the 2016 Widescreen Film and Music Video Festival

From the creators of the award winning documentary American Beatboxer, currently being broadcast on Revolt TV, accepted into the NYU’s Hip Hop Education Center Archive upon its world premiere, the Harvard Hip Hop Archive, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives and most recently the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center Founders Library at Howard […]

Now BOOKING American Beatboxer College Tour

Our award winning feature documentary American Beatboxer provides a culturally diverse and extraordinarily unique experience for colleges. American Beatboxer immerses the audience in the jaw dropping world of human beatboxing.   Screenings + Workshops + Performances – that the Harvard Crimson calls “Phenomenally Entertaining” create a unique experience for your college that your campus will […]

American Beatboxer Screens at the 1st Mount Vernon Film Festival!

We are proud to announce that  “AMERICAN BEATBOXER” at The Mount Vernon Film Festival 2014.  Our film will be screened,SATURDAY, September 27, 2014 at 11:00PM at The Doles Center Theater.   A list of the films in the order in which they will be shown will soon be available online. About the Festival: The Mount Vernon Film Festival (MTVFF) is a showcase of extraordinary films from emerging and aspiring artists, […]

Exploring language & the musical voice of beatboxing @ Harvard University

American Beatboxer executive producer Chesney Snow will lead a workshop and exploration into the art, history, and craft of beatboxing as part of the Learning From Performers visiting artist’s program at Harvard University. He will be accompanied by some of America’s most jaw dropping and mind blowing beatboxers including Kenny Urban, Amit Bhowmick, Kaila Mullady, […]